• - It's Not Just Water -

    Refreshing individuals and families in need within our local communities

    ReNew Water

    Available in Local Grocery Stores



    ReNew Water is a simple way for the community to make a difference. Net proceeds from sales are used to help remove the barriers poverty stricken & homeless community members face by addressing four critical areas of need:
    Food, Shelter, Family Support, and Education.

    ReStore Water

    Coming Soon to an Office Supply Retailer or Distributor Near You!

    ReStore Water is a unique way for businesses to support local small businesses with a healthy outcome of advancing economic development in our local community.

    Net Proceeds from sales are used to fund grants that support the entrepreneurial spirit of the impoverished.

    ReVitalize Water

    Coming Soon to Your Local Hardware & Home Improvement Stores!

    ReVitalize Water is a refreshing resource to revitalize homes and local neighborhoods.   "Hom many people.  Families today struggle to  keep their house maintained, power turned on, water billNet proceeds from sales are used to support stability in homeownership for families in our local community facing financial struggles.

    Rescue Water

    Coming Soon to Your Local Pet Supply Stores!


    Logo'd H2O

    A simple and refreshing way to share your message and help the community.

    We recognize that businesses, organizations, and individuals all have a message. We help make it easier to share that message. But when you work with us, you're not just increasing your brand's visibility. You're also impacting the community and helping those struggling, under poverty and homelessness, earn a wage by applying your label to each bottle of water ordered.

  • - Our Core Values -

    - Our Mission -

    Giving bountifully to attack the social issues faced by members of our local communities.

    - Our Vision -

    To see relevant, tangible, consistent financial assistance delivered to nonprofit services in the communities where our products are sold.

  • - Sharing the Story -

    Refreshing individuals and families in need within our local communities