• ReNew Water "Pallet Pop-Up"

    Distribution Partner Program

    What we ask you to do

    • Accept pallet quantity (84 cases) deliveries of ReNew Water 16.9oz; 24 packs
    • Create an eye-catching display in your office, coffee shop, deli, showroom, etc
    • Commit to receive a minimum of one (1) pallet of ReNew Water per month ending December 2019
    • Share your participation with your sphere of influence, customers and friends
    • Sell each case for $3.99 per case


    What you can expect from ReNew Water in return

    • While respecting the hours and dynamics of your business / organization we will deliver a minimum of one (1) pallet (84 cases) of ReNew Water per month 
    • Provide you $.75 per case sold.  Proceeds to be used as you see fit.  Suggestions include…
      • Donate to your favorite charity
      • Use proceeds to offer free product and services (i.e. free coffee, free lunch, gift cards, gas, etc)
      • Use to make someone’s “bad day” brighter
      • Raise funds to support your organization
    • ReNew Water will encourage visits to your business / event as we highlight your business / event via social media, newsletters, affiliate marketing, website and other media opportunities as they arise.
    • Honor our commitment to donate 100% of the net proceeds generated to local non-profits serving four (4) areas of critical need…Food. Shelter. Family Support. Education.


    Oh…did I mention we will also be having prizes for

    • Most eye-catching display
    • Most impactful use of funds generated (monthly and overall)
    • Most water sold (monthly and overall)


    Note: If you're a business and cannot support delivery of water a sign-up sheet can be provided and deliveries can take place your business’s parking lot.

  • All it Takes to Succeed is...


    The Water

    24 packs, 16.9oz bottles


    Your Organization

    You are church volunteers, youth organization, local non-profit


    Our Resources

    "Pop-up" tent, tables, apparel, whatever it take!

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