it's not just water...

    It's Water With Purpose!

  • Who We Are...

    Good Water is a "social impact business" dedicated to sharing hope and restoring community though bottles of good water.

    What We Do....

    For every bottle of water we sell, we donate net proceeds to local charitable organizations. Working with inFaith Community Foundation, we select local nonprofits that help remove the barriers faced by the poverty stricken and struggling members of the community. Specifically we give to organizations that focus on the areas of need


    Food, Shelter, Family Support and Education.

    Why We Do It...

    The math is simple: We love sharing "good water" with others. The consumer gets something for them self while giving something for the community - all at an affordable price. One might say, "it all adds up".

    How You Can Help....

    2020's first delivery of water will begin the week of September 21st. Currently, our processes are manual. With the help of the unemployed / under employed in our community we hand apply labels, box, deliver and place bottles into store coolers. Our recent volume demand requires us to purchase "semi automatic" label applicators. These applicators will speed up the label application process while requiring the same man power.


    We are not asking for a handout. With a goal of 1,000, we are asking you to consider helping us obtain the needed applicators by purchasing a Good Water identified water bottle shown below. Proceeds from the sale will allow us to buy two (2) semi automatic label applicators.


    We are grateful for your consideration and invite you to reach out with questions, thoughts and inquiries of other ways to support the Water With Purpose Project.


    Additionally, whether you buy one, five or ten 22oz Premium Copper Vacuum Insulated Good Water identified water bottles we ask you to share this link and the Water With Purpose Project with your sphere of influence.


  • Buying Period Ends September 15th

    allowing us to have the necessary equipment in time

    22oz Premium Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle
    22oz Premium Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle
    show your support for the Water With Purpose Project when you purchase this durable, double-wall stainless steel copper insulation constructed water bottle. This bottle will allow your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. This bottle also includes

    - On-trend, durable light blue powder coating.
    - Stainless steel screw-on, spill resistant lid.
    - Durable stainless steel hand loop.
    - Wide opening for comfortable filling and pouring; perfect for ice cubes.
    - Fits most standard car cup holders
    Coming soon