• Reach Thousands of Local Chicagoland, Milwaukee and N.E. Wisconsin Shoppers Daily

    Generate New Customers With Targeted Coupon Advertising

  • Good Water is excited to partner with local Chicagoland, Milwaukee and N.E. Wisconsin grocery and convenience & gas stores to set up a major promotion inviting select local small businesses and professionals the opportunity to connect with local customers shopping in their stores. Together we are extending to you an opportunity to sponsor a bottle and place a full color business card size coupon / offer on the side of each bottle of Good Water that is purchased in their store. In a nut shell, this opportunity allows a select few local small business sponsors to put their message in the hands of targeted customers on a daily basis. Take a moment, review the trailing. If this opportunity is of value to you fill in the contact form below or give a call to set a time to discuss further details and confirm your participation.

  • Why Good Water "ValueAD" Coupon Advertising Really Works

    Offers That Drive Profits

    Digitally enhanced with redemption analytics free items, BOGO deals and other aggressive offers incentivize shoppers to spend more. A coupon offer can be just the thing shoppers need to choose your business over the competitor.

    Target Local Shoppers Likely to Buy

    Place your advertising in the same communities where your potential customers live, not zip codes away! We only allow three (3) businesses of the same category, within a 3-5 mile radius, to advertise at any one grocery and convenience & gas store.

    Put Your Brand Direct in Every Hand

    Your coupon ad is placed directly into the hands of thousands of local shoppers weekly! This constant and direct exposure puts your business right in front of shoppers who are ready to buy and looking for a great, hot, local deal.

    Profitable & Proven Advertising​

    We can all agree every advertising campaign needs four elements to be successful; Repetition, Appeal, Targeting, and Exposure. Good Water "ValueAD" advertising offers a high mix of RATE and low-cost are what make our program so successful.

  • How It Works

    Five (5) steps to profit



    We look at your business, your competition, and your audience to make sure there is a good fit between you and our "ValueAD" program



    Your offer is equally as important as the look. We use our experience of successful campaigns to craft the right offer to maximize profits, not just sales.



    Setting up tools for redemptions, tracking, and online listings are all part of the preparation for a successful campaign.



    We will schedule time with a sample to show you the finished product. Then sit back and relax while we print, deliver, and put your message in every hand.



    Each quarter we will meet with you to make sure you’re on track towards profitability and help refine your design and offer to increase profits.

  • Hundreds of Available Locations to Share Your Message

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