• Our Purpose is...

    Good Water is committed to embracing every last drop of value by providing custom label bottled water that tastes great, looks fantastic and supports community.

    Serving Your Purpose..

    Creating a stellar experience for guests is your top priority. Hand out your custom labeled bottled water upon check-in, leave it in their room, pass around by the pool or have chilled for those engaging business meetings. No matter where your custom labeled bottled water will be found, your guests will be reminded of your priority without even knowing it

    While Supporting Your Community

    Proceeds from every bottle sold go to The Water with Purpose Fund. This overflow supports three (2) areas of need.


    1) allows those facing homelessness or caught in the "gap" (place between poverty and surviving) to receive compensation for labeling and packaging your water.


    2) fills a fund that will be used to purchase night stays at a wide assortment of Marriott Family properties for struggling families to getaway and create positive, life long memories.


    3) Local restaurants help offset costs by placing coupons / messaging on labels encouraging your guest(s) to purchase from their local restaurant.


    Little purchases, when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts with every refreshing bottle.

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