• ReNew Milwaukee

    "A Great City by A Great Lake"

  • It can be said, "Wherever you go, things change you". Weather enjoying the lakefront festivals or cream puffs at the annual state fair you sure to create lasting memories in Milwaukee.


    Like larger cities poverty has tightened its grip on the city of Milwaukee. Malia Jones, an assistant scientist and social epidemiologist at UW-Madison's Applied Population Laboratory stated, "There is some good evidence that living in poverty and experiencing issues like food and housing insecurity can cause changes in the brain that can lead to behavioral issues and low performance in school, as well as chronic disease later in life." ReNew Water is a social impact business on a mission to combat such poverty and homelessness in the Milwaukee Metro area, with extra attention to those within the city.


    In each outlying Milwaukee suburb, where ReNew Water is sold, individual community needs are being met. Working together a percentage of net proceeds are aggregated to support "special projects" within the City itself. We believe outlying communities supporting in this way will have a greater impact for those enduring the toughest of situations.

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